About Me

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Artist Statement

Dancing with both painting and sculpture to the tune of abstraction, my work focuses on essential formal elements such as line, shape and colour. These three forms boldly assimilate to help describe emotional experience. Inspired by the constant business of contemporary life and the ceaseless examination of every day interactions, I seek to thoroughly identify the inner mapping of the mind,creating intrinsic displays of colour organized by line and shape, where sculpture becomes a tool for systemizing and amplifying the already applied paint. Balance, flow and symmetry play an important role, sometimes resembling circuit boards or brain synaptic connections, giving the impression of a connected wholeness, where geometric perspective gives way to a less rigid identity, becoming lyrical and free-flowing. Brighter colours engage with darker, capturing negative and positive energies. The sculptural elements are born out of found materials like weathered plastics, wood and wire, and they display actual shadow to push the boundaries of flat painting. The importance of shadow allows my work to stabilize itself in space, delivering a sense of the natural world into something that is only a representation. Breaking from the traditional rectangle reveals a lifeline that is playful yet chaotic, harmoniously joined with humorous intention. 

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